How to Write a Good Essay for College

The ability to write good texts is not necessarily a gift ofnature. In this age of intellectual and technologicaladvancement, almost everyone can develop the skill of interestingpresentation of information. Below, you will find usefulrecommendations on how to write a good essay.

How to Write a Good Essay to Attract a Reader?

Correct stylistics of the written is the key to success.Compliance with the style of writing is the control of spelling,punctuation, the construction of the correct text structure, theuse of the necessary keys, slogans, and techniques. To write goodtexts, you need to think right.

Did you notice that it’s hard to write a good, convincing paperwithout inspiration and creative passion? And it does not matterwhat topic you need to write about. To reach the reader, you justneed to listen to the inner energy, turn on the option ofinspiration and flight of thought.

How to do it quickly?

  • To begin with, write about something what really inspiresyou. Think about what you like to do and what brings you joy.Arrange a walk in the park, relax reading, watch a film, ride oncarousels, rollers, etc.
  • Choose something that will stir up your feelings, which thenmake it easier for you to form the right words and phrases inunderstandable and profitable written language.
  • First of all, the author’s style should arouse interest andbe perceived comfortably when reading.

Styles for Writing a Good Essay

To learn how to write beautiful texts, you need to know severalmain styles:

  • Scientific style. It is designed to gain new knowledge. Tocreate such articles, you need to use professional terms,monographs, scientific quotes, and excerpts from primary sourcesacceptable to this readership. Here, nouns are more often usedthan verbal parts of speech. Characteristic features are compoundsentences, long paragraphs, structural word-formations, andabbreviations of some generally accepted constructions areallowed. For example, that is, (i.e.), and so on - (etc., soforth), thus, the second stage (2nd), etc.
  • Publicistic dynamic style. The main functions of this styleof writing are to influence the feelings and behavior of readers.It is more often used in information, analytical, advertising,and selling texts, as well as in the socio-political sphere.Publicistic style of written speech, usually, is transmittedthrough the media. These are newspaper reports, PR articles formagazines, TV, and radio programs for public appearances atrallies, presentations, conventions, meetings, etc. Itsdistinctive features are vivid appeals, motivations, advertisingslogans, as well as accessibility, relevance, and simplicity ofpresentation. More verbs are used than adjectives. Such articlesare designed for mass perception. The information genre ischaracterized by short forms of speech and logical constructionof phrases. As a rule, these are reports, interviews,interpretations, narrations, etc. Analytic genre includes essays,reviews, letters, technical comparisons, etc.
  • Conversational style. Designed for the audience of the socialsphere, for a simple everyday conversation, and dialogues betweenpeople. It has shades of different emotions, ease, andaccessibility. You can use humor, irony, some familiarity, easyjargon, and personal techniques for creating uniqueword-formations. Texts written in colloquial stylistics mostoften have a vivid emotional coloring (threatening or joking,intimate, allegorical, etc.).
  • Artistic style. Beginners usually use the artistic style tocreate papers (stories or essays). The presentation may containthe personal position of the author with the use of variousmetaphors, idioms, winged phrases, quotations, artisticdescriptions, and figurative comparisons. Such texts can besupplemented by any forms of adjectives of different degrees.
  • The official (business) style. In this case, themanifestation of conciseness, accuracy, compactness, and brevityof the presentation of information is characteristic, excludingthe subjective opinion of the author. Usually, such articles arecreated for officials and enterprises of the public and legalsphere. In this style of written speech, various documents, acts,instructions, orders, agreements, contracts, and other businesspapers are created.

The Main Things to Know about How to Write a Good Essay

There are 5 main criteria:

  • Relevance of information. That is, a clear correspondence tothe given topic and the interests of the target audience.
  • Brevity. The absence of unnecessary words makes the articleunobtrusive and accessible for quick understanding. Less words –more sense.
  • Richness of speech. Correct use in the text of synonyms,adjectives, aphorisms, beautiful expressions, and metaphors.
  • Accessibility, clarity, simplicity, and ease are importantcomponents of stylistics for creating quality papers.
  • Conceivable speech is the convenience of pronunciation aloudand comfortable perception of information.

The Secret of Writing Essays

An essay is something much more than something where you canwrite about anything. Unfortunately, they can also be annoying,boring, tedious, and altogether disgusting. Whether it’s an essayin high school, a scientific article in college, or even animportant memo on your new job – at any time there is a highprobability that you probably would prefer not to write anything.The fact that you must do this only aggravates the situation.

There are many different thoughts in your head at the same time:how to write an essay correctly? what am I writing about? how tomaintain momentum? how to start writing an essay?

Calm down. Creating a brilliant writing work, awesome report, anoutstanding essay on any topic is not just possible, it issimple. Therefore, be prepared to learn how to write an essay onliterature correctly.

The essay is much like a military operation. It requiresdiscipline, foresight, research, strategy, and if everything isdone well, ends with the final victory.

Think about your introduction as creating a form, and then thenext paragraphs that make up each side. They can come out whenit’s needed, but they never completely abandon the security ofthe formation. This is a process of permanent restructuring,which at all costs preserves the shape of the square. From thepoint of view of writing, you just need to create severaloriginal sentences for the entire essay: the thesis, the theme,the mini-thesis, from which each paragraph begins, and the finalphrase indicating what it all means. All the rest is in some waya variation of these four sentences. Together they create asquare, and this serves as a point of return. The idea is toprotect the reader as an army moving in and out of the square tosecure the middle and the entire square.

Scheme on How to Write a Good Essay


  • Start with an extensive, convincing hook. This will be themeta-topic of the article.
  • Thesis. It must define and systematize the hook in relationto the instruction/subject.
  • One sentence, which serves as the basis for the firstparagraph of the main part. This is a mini-thesis for every pointof view that you will argue.
  • One sentence for the second paragraph of the main part.
  • One sentence for the third paragraph of the main part.
  • Formulate in another way the hook and the thesis in onetransitional sentence in the first paragraph.

Some say that the thesis should go at the bottom of theintroduction, but it is not a must. The essence of the essay isto make a statement, and then reinforce it. You cannot support athought until you express it.

The main part #1:

  • Paraphrase the thesis for the first paragraph of the mainpart.
  • Argument the mini-thesis with facts and analysis.
  • Formulate in a new way the thesis of the paragraph of themain part in the context of the general theme.

Start with the most powerful arguments.

Always use a quote, trying to include an analysis element in thesame sentence. It is better not to use more than 5–7 words of theauthor.

The main part #2:

  • Rewrite the thesis of the second paragraph of the main part.
  • Explain the mini-thesis.
  • Formulate in a new way the thesis of the paragraph of themain part in the context of the general theme.

The main part #3:

  • Rewrite the thesis for the third paragraph of the main part.
  • Explain the mini-thesis.
  • Formulate in a new way the thesis of the paragraph of themain part in the context of the general theme.


  • Paraphrase the clue/meta theme.
  • Clarify it, once again paraphrasing the thesis.
  • Write one sentence for each paragraph of the main part,suggesting its meaning.
  • Rewrite the hook and the thesis in the closing sentences.
  • The last sentence should go over to general phrases.

This scheme works in a composition of 300 words in the same wayas in a 300-page study.

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