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Vol. 7(10), pp. 482-487, October 2013

DOI: 10. 5897/AJPS2013. 1092

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Characterization of dekoko (Pisum sativum va.

abyssinicum) accessions by qualitative traits in the

highlands of Southern Tigray, Ethiopia

Haddis Yirga1* and Dargie Tsegay2


Tigray Agricultural Study Institute, Alamata Agricultural Study Center, L. O. Package 54, Alamata, Ethiopia. 2

Hawassa School, Department of Plant and Horticultural Scientific research P. O. Box 05, Hawassa, Ethiopia. Accepted 16 September, 2013

Cultivated Pisum is focused with Pisum sativum subgroup, but G. sativum var. abyssinicum (Dekoko) is a unique subgroup developed and cultivated in Ethiopia. The objectives of the study were the characterization of the accessions using three qualitative characteristics and learning the genetic diversity of the harvest. Twenty-four (24) accession/local collections of Dekoko collected from South Tigray and North Wello by Alamata Agricultural Research Middle were planted in 3 replications from the Randomized Complete Block Style (RCBD) at Mekhan farmers' Training Center in Endamekhoni in 2010. Portrayal of the accessions by three qualitative attributes viz., flower color, seedling size and seed shape had uncovered the existence of high genetic diversity of the populace (H'=0. 84, 0. ninety five, 0. 98, respectively, with mean H'=0. 92) suggesting that the crop can be better through mating. The syndication of the numerous categories of the three qualitative characteristics (flower color, seed form and seeds size) was independent of region and altitude. Clustering of the accessions by qualitative traits made seven distinct clusters which will did not sort the accessions according to regions or Weredas, yet according to three altitude classes.

Key words: Portrayal, Dekoko, Pisum sativum var. abyssinicum, accession/collection. INTRODUCTION

The foundation of field pea is usually controversial. Ethiopia is undoubtedly the centre of diversity for this crop as wild and primitive forms are seen to exist in the high elevations of the nation. Ethiopia is among the major Vavilovian centers of diversity for several grain legume crops which includes lupine, discipline pea and wild ancestors and forefathers of cow pea Ali et ing. (2003).

Cultivated Pisum is usually dominated simply by P. sativum, but S.

sativum varieties abyssinicum (or simply L. abyssinicum)

iis a remarkable species individually developed and cultivated in Ethiopia. The present germplasm in the area shows tolerance/resistance to disease (IBC, 3 years ago;

*Corresponding publisher. E-mail: [email protected] com.

Sentayehu, 2009; Jing et al., 2010). S. sativum is widespread over the Middle East and has affinity with all the wild P. elatius when P. abyssinicum is restricted to highland areas of Ethiopia (South Tigray and North Wello) and Southern Yemen and shows the affinity to P.

fulvum (Yemane and Skjelvåg, 2002; Jing et al., 2010).

However , S. fulvum is found around the east edge

(Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan) and not

common in Ethiopia (Maxted and Ambrose, 2001).

S. sativum abyssinicum is locally known as Dekoko

(minute seeded) in Tigrigna and Yagere Ater (pea of my own

country) or perhaps Tinishu Ater (the most compact pea) in Amharic.

Yirga and Tsegay

Dekoko has the ability to of producing seed yield of up to 1 . 95

t/ha below phosphorus fertilization and is reputed for its

excessive market price (more than dual of the cost of faba

bean and field pea) and for it is food choice Yemane

and Skjelvåg (2002). Farmers and consumers call it up as

the " Dero-Wot of the poor” (chicken stew of the poor)

probably expressing its excessive nutritional value. Frequently,

the dried out seeds of Dekoko will be decorticated and split (‘split peas') prior to boiling. At times they are hard boiled without

decortications and consumed as soup (personal observation). In Ethiopia, the total annual consumption per person of discipline pea which includes...

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Traits of Dekoko (Pisum sativum var



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