Alice Walker's The Color Purple: Analysis

 Alice Walker’s The Color Purple: Analysis Essay

Alice Walker's The Color Violet

From reading the draw out from The Color Purple, someone is shocked almost immediately from the way the character/narrator (who in this case is the author Alice Walker) is usually treated and brought up by her father. The way in which the story is informed is in the type of letters and a kind of journal addressed to god as she is informed " You had better not notify anybody but god it'll kill the mammy". You can almost impression that this was written and was hardly ever expected to always be read or seen by anyone else, it feels very personal and private to the young young lady just between her and god. The chinese language she uses is appropriate in the manner that you can picture this 18 year old dark girl who is not very well educated, talking and writing in this way. Putting her story around in a colloquial manner hammers home in a way the the law of gravity of the girls plight all the more as it talks to a broad selection of readers and is also understandable to all or any. Also the syntax while using short and punchy content again visitors home and grabs the attention of the visitor right away " My the female dead. The girl die yelling and cussing. She shout at me. She cuss at me. I'm big. I won't be able to move fast enough". The piece is incredibly emotive and graphic with all the images that invokes upon the mind from the reader. You may feel the beatings and anguish she endures on an just about every day basis. With this being a true history it feels even more real towards the reader as possible sympathise with this poor young lady and the ordeals she is confronted by, it would be hard for a lot of individuals to empathise with her as it is an extremely tough and dreadful time in her life and maybe through this work she has maybe helped people who are in a similar scenario, which displays how good this piece is in resulting in the character/s. Once again you can truly feel for her predicament throughout the extract it could be asserted that producing a personal account is probably easier than that of a work of fiction, as there is no thoughts...



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