Yoga and Judaism

 Essay upon Buddhism and Judaism

Terry James Wright

World Religions This summer 08, 2013 Three explanations why I believe Yoga and Judaism are not appropriate. Buddhism noted founder was simply a guy born into a man and a woman. He was no religious deity since was the kid of Our god (Jesus). The Buddha was rich and cared for in kingly fashion. His daddy was known as a great Knight in shining armor who had protected his kid from coming in contact with regular your life suffering. The Buddha lived in a well guarded environment provided by his father the Royal prince. ON the other hand the way of life's day-to-day suffering and life's day-to-day triumph was common to the Judaism believers. The Judaism belief provided believing in one God and one God alone. The God of Abraham, Isaac and John, who were almost all Jewish patriarchs. NO human being ever performed anything neither could they are doing anything that will warrant all of them bowing right down to another individual as their The almighty as would the mother who had to bow towards the guru that turned out to be her son Sheldon. Another reason is because of the creation story on its own of gentleman becoming a living soul after God blew his inhale into the nostril of man causing him to be a living soul. A male of virtually any ability are not able to form gentleman from the dust particles, blow in to his nostril, and trigger him being spirit, body system and soul. With Judaism being centered from the Hebrew Bible, that conquer with the belief of Buddhism, understanding that the Buddha himself was a man delivered, born by human beings with no special power from the heavens, just that having been wise in philosophy of peace, of nonattachment, and freedom through meditation. Previous, but not least, is the spiritual techniques point of view. For me, worshiping and obeying The lord's commandments was something that was essential when both temples existed. By simply not worshiping God when he deserved,...



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