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CHEMISTRY a hundred and twenty-five LABORATORY

Identity: Balagao, Sherey Mae U. Date Performed: September almost 8, 2014 Lab Schedule: 1: 00-4: 00 MWDate Posted: September nineteen, 2014 Group No .: 4Rating:



•To investigate the physical and chemical properties of Carboxylic acidity and its derivatives •To be familiar with reactions of carboxylic ingredients and derivatives. II. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS

Solubility of Carboxylic acids in 10% NaHCO¬3

Acetic acidity - formation of bubbles

Benzoic acid - creation of bubbles

Test to get Acetic acid

NaOH + Acetic acid - blue litmus conventional paper turned reddish

NaOH + Acetic acid & FeCl3 - red coloured solution

Test for Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid & NH3 -- red litmus paper turned blue

Benzoic acid & NH3+ FeCl3 - fruit precipitate/ flesh-colored precipitate produced Formation of Esters

a. Coming from Carboxylic acids

Acetic chemical p + ethanol + H2SO4 - developed a sweet smell

m. From Acyl Halides

Ethanol + H2O + H2SO4 - developed a fairly sweet smell

Hydroxamic acid test pertaining to the Ester group

Ethyl acetate in ether + NH2OH. HCl + KOH warmth effervescence + alcoholic HCl + FeCl3 – reddish colored option

Hydrolysis of chemical p derivatives

H2O + Acetic anhydride 2-immiscible level formed, green litmus daily news turned red, test pipe becomes warm as the reaction took longer time Pinch of benzamide + NaOH Red litmus paper turned blue III. DISCUSSION


Some tests was executed with carboxylic acids as well as its derivatives 1 . Solubility of Carboxylic acids in five per cent NaHCO3

Carboxylic acids may be easily mixed in a fundamental solution, including of salt bicarbonate (NaHCO3). This is because there is certainly an acid-base reaction involving the carboxylic acid and the bicarbonate anion. RCOOH + HCO3 RCOO- + CO2(g) + H2O

Carboxylate ion

As carboxylic acids drop hydrogen ion, they are transformed to their particular carboxylates, that happen to be negatively charged ions. As they are ions, they may become more sencillo to the answer. The reaction as well gives off carbon and these kinds of bubbles happen to be visible creating this a useful evaluation for carboxylic acids. In the experiment it was observed that both lactic acid and benzoic acid produced bubbles by the addition of 5% Salt bicarbonate (NaHCO3). This indicates that both compounds have a functional group –COOH and are carboxylic acid. Reactions of equally acids happen to be shown listed below:.


Benzoic acid solution


Acetic acid

2 . Test for Lactic acid

3. Check for Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid is known as a solid, white crystalline element that is chemically classified because an perfumed carboxylic chemical p. Its molecular formula may be written since C7H6O2. Their chemical real estate are based on the truth that each molecule consists of a great acidic carboxyl group attached with an perfumed ring composition. The carboxyl group can easily undergo reactions to form goods such as salts, esters, and acid halides.

4. Creation of Ester

Esters possess a hydrocarbon either an alkyl or an aryl group changing the hydrogen in the -COOH group of a carboxylic acid solution. Esters could be produced the moment carboxylic acids are warmed with alcohols in the occurrence of an chemical p catalyst. The catalyst is generally concentrated sulphuric acid H2SO¬4. In the try things out, a sweet smell was observed the moment acetic acid was added by simply ethanol and concentrated H2SO¬4. The reaction is usually both gradual and reversible. The formula for the response between a great acid RCOOH and a great alcohol R'OH is: H2SO4

Therefore the formula for the response of lactic acid to produce ethyl acetate would be: H2SO4

Lactic acid ethanolethyl acetate

Addition of acetic acid to alcohols yielded a homogenous solution. The alpha hydrogen of the hydroxyl...




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