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No: R-6677 Date: 10-3-2012

Admission into Postgraduate Applications Semester: Apr 2012

Applications are asked for entry into the pursuing postgraduate applications for April 2012 Term. To apply for admission, an applicant must complete the internet Application Form making use of the website http://www.buet.ac.bd, and submit the hardcopy of the completed Application Form alongside the supporting papers (as described below) towards the Registrar's Office, BUET within the period from 20 Drive to 11 April, 2012 during workplace hours (9: 00 i am to 5: 00 pm). A) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D. ) Degree Offered by the Departments/ Institutes: Buildings, Chemical Architectural, Chemistry, Detrimental Engineering, Computer system Science and Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Industrial and Development Engineering, Components and Metallurgical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Structure and Ocean Engineering, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering, Physics, Metropolitan and Local Planning, Normal water Resources Anatomist, Institute of Water and Flood Managing. B) Expert of Philosophy (M. Phil. ) Level in Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Components Science. C) Masters Degree Programs: (i) M. Sc. Engg. / M. Engg. in Advanced Engineering Supervision, Chemical Anatomist, Civil Architectural (Environmental), City Engineering (Geotechnical), Civil Executive (Structural), Municipal Engineering (Transportation), Computer Scientific research and Architectural, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Executive, Glass and Ceramic Anatomist, Industrial and Production Executive, Information and Communication Technology, Materials and Metallurgical Anatomist, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Structure and Ocean Engineering, Petroleum and Vitamin Resources Engineering, and Water Resources Anatomist. (ii) Meters. Arch. in Architecture (iii) MURP in Urban and Regional Organizing by Training course and Thesis (iv) MURP...



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The Computation Essay

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