Economic and Administration Accounting

 Financial and Management Accounting Essay

MBA /PGDBA/MBABF Semester you MB0041/MBABF –Financial and Managing Accounting- 5 Credits (Book ID: B1624) Assignment (60 Marks) Take note: Answer your concerns (with three hundred to 4 hundred words each) must be written within 6-8 pages. Every single Question provides 10 signifies 6 X 10=60

Q1. An accountant discovers that the trial balance of his client did not tally and this showed an excess credit of Rs. 69. 74. He transferred that to a incertidumbre account sometime later it was discovered the following errors. a) Rs. 44. 37 paid out to Anand has been credited to his account as Rs. 34. 37. b) A purchase of Rs. 145. 50 continues to be posted since Rs. 154. 50 to the purchases account. c) An expenditure of Rs. 158 on fixes has been debited to the complexes account. d) Rs. 70 was allowed by W as low cost which has not been came into in the ebooks. e) A sum of Rs. 125. 05 noticed on the sale for old household furniture has been placed to the revenue account. Offer journal entries to correct the problems and show the suspense account as it would seem after alterations Hint: Total of incertidumbre a/c = 78. 74 Q2. Separate management accounting and monetary accounting.

Q3. Draw the total amount Sheet intended for the following information provided by Sarawath Ltd.. a. b. c. d. elizabeth. f. g. h. my spouse and i. Current Rate Liquidity Proportion Net Seed money Stock Yield Ratio Ratio of Low Profit to Sales Fixed Asset Proceeds Ratio Normal Debt collection period Fixed Property to Net Worth Reserve and Surplus to Capital::::::::: 2 . 50 1 ) 50 Rs. 300000 6 times 20% 2 times a couple of months 0. 80 zero. 50

Sign: B/S total 1100000

Q4. Following may be the balance sheet pertaining to the period finishing 31st Mar 2006 and 2007. If the current year's net loss is Rs. 38, 500, calculate the amount flow coming from operating actions. 31 MAR 2006 Immediate loan to employees Creditors Provision pertaining to doubtful debts Bills payable Stock in trade Charges receivable Prepaid expenses Spectacular expenses 15, 000 30, 000 one particular, 200 18, 000 15, 000 12, 000 800 300 3 years ago 18, 000 8, 1000 20, 1000 13, 1000 22, 1000 600 five-hundred st




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