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Historical Egypt versus the Roman Empire

This kind of semester I use conducted research on a pair of history's many, in my opinion, unique and most powerful societies. The first is the civilization of Historic Egypt. This lasted by 3100BC to 1085BC. Gowns about 2, 015 years. The second culture is the Roman Empire. Ancient rome, as an empire, survived from 31BC to 476AD. That's just about 507 years, but that doesn't span all Rome's history as a whole; the Roman Empire is only some of Rome's history. While both of these societies are classic civilizations, Rome was monotheistic, more technologically advanced, and more economically advanced, whilst Egypt was polytheistic, even more academically advanced, and they continue to relied heavily on farming and trading for salary.

Both the Both roman Empire and Ancient Egypt made religious beliefs a very big part of all their daily lives. They did not need the same religion though. Egypt was polytheistic for starters. That means they had various, many gods. Ancient Egyptians believed that every one of their gods had anything to offer. Actually the gods were essential to these people that they also had little rituals they did for them. For example , they provided up sacrifices, they had temples or wats dedicated to the gods, they had animal cults, they had oracles, and they actually believed in magic from the gods. (" Historic Egyptian Religion" ) The Egyptians assumed that all of those things were satisfying to the gods. Like We said, faith was essential to the Both roman Empire too, but their own was completely different from Egypt's. They were not polytheistic any more, they had a specific name for religion, plus they worshipped God differently. Because the Roman Empire wasn't polytheistic, what had been they? There's only one solution to that question, and that response is monotheistic. That means that they believed in merely one God. Ahead of this time, Rome was polytheistic, but underneath Theodosius the fantastic, they recognized Christianity as the official religious beliefs of the newly founded Both roman Empire. (" Rome plus the Rise of Christianity" pg. 74) Since they were Christian believers, they worshipped in a different way compared to the Egyptians did. Instead of oracles and magic, they wanted prayer and church. Likewise, instead of worshipping the animals in the pet cults, his or her used their moral compasses. If their wants aligned with what God said, they did it. If it did not align with what God wished, then they knew they should not do it. It had been basically placing God's expression into action for them. Each society thought their religion was the case and it would save these people from themselves. That's why it had been so important to them.

Certainly, the Both roman Empire was more fresh because it was farther in the foreseeable future, but Ancient Egypt offers great achievements for its period. For instance, that they came up with hieroglyphics, the pyramids, and the process of mummification. Hieroglyphics were their very own biggest academically technological achievement. They had developed system of publishing that allowed them to communicate with each other, and it also allowed the gods to get in touch with the humans. Not only that, but it really involved both symbols and pictures. They could now use photographs and symbols to convey a particular message to others. (" Traditional western Asia and Egypt" pg. 30) That was far more advanced than any other world of their time. The pyramids were their biggest architecturally technological achievement. They will prided themselves in building those tremendous, spectacular pyramids. It was a slow, grueling process although. They worked by hand, without special or extravagant equipment. (" Ancient Egypt Technology" ) The very fact that they constructed it all themselves made the end product much more worth it to them. Their last large technological achievement was the procedure for mummification. Mummification was in which they had an inactive body and in addition they embalmed it with particular oils and so on. Then they position the body in the tomb with flowers, foodstuff, and other figurine. The reason...

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