How about Development of Cone Crusher in 21st Century

 What about Progress Cone Crusher in modern world Essay

With all the development of mining machinery sector, this industry of our region has made a big progress. Additionally , we have brought up something about the introduction of cone crusher in nineteenth century. And they are you enthusiastic about its creation in modern world?

HP series crusher instead of the original planting season cone crusher (, use effect is content, can basically meet the needs of 'more crushing less grinding' technological requirements. In the sand and gravel industry also has launched the HORSEPOWER series cone crusher, like the three encolure project in two ancient hill scrape adopts HP300 and a couple of Omnicone1560 cone crusher; Three gorges down stream pull by 4 HP500 cone crusher; Hk adopt Taiwan HP700 you and two in the quarries factory HP500 cone crusher; Hong Kong's new airport project switches into 6 HP series and 2 Omnicone cone crusher; Guangzhou Huang Bei natural stone factory switches into three Omnicone cone crusher. In addition , masteel butte flat iron ore, Beijing sanlian sandstone and zhangjiakou quarry likewise adopted the carnot's industry’s G type single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

The development of cone crusher in 21st century is in the following: Around 2000, the Swedish Svedala group H1000 series sole cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is first to advertise, and then to Sandvik (Sandvik) company H1800 series (now renamed CH) series sole cylinder hydraulic cone crusher into the Oriental market, and raised a hot wave of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Anshan dagushan, SOBRE gruyter serenidad, JiDaShan bow fault, just like iron ore, as well as the jianshan iron ore dressing herb of taiyuan iron and steel, has introduced about dozens of H6800 and H8800 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher; Jiangxi copper, dexing copper acquire has also introduced several pieces of H8000 and H8800. New type H7800 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in molybdenum group mill herb for the first time 5 years ago after the employ, also has...



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