Informative Talk on Mythology

 Informative Presentation on Mythology Essay

Danielle Foster

March 28, 2011

Informative Speech Rough Draft

SC one hundred thirty five


General Purpose: To inform

Certain Purpose: To tell my viewers about mythology

Organizational Design: Topical


Have you ever heard of mythology? Whether it is Creation or Greek mythology? Are you ready to find out a little regarding mythology?

I use spent the past couple of days exploring mythology.

Today I will let you know about a history, some of the distinct classes, and discuss a few myths/stories I actually mythology.

(Transition: Now that do you know what I am going to cover let's get started with the history of mythology. )


Prior to defining the word " mythology” one needs to define this is of the phrase " myth”.

A. The word itself originates from the Ancient greek language " mythos” which at first meant " speech” or " discourse” but which later arrived at mean " fable” or perhaps " legend”.

1 . In accordance to,

2 . According to,

B. With this speech, the word " myth” will be understood to be a story of forgotten or perhaps vague origins, basically spiritual or unnatural in characteristics.

(Transition: Right now let's check out some the different classes of mythology. )

There are several classes of mythology although we will certainly discuss two today.

A. Creation misconceptions provide an description of the origins of the whole world in all its intricacy.

1 . According to, creation myths often invoke fundamental gods and animals, titanic ship struggles among opposing causes or the loss of life and or dismemberment of these gods or family pets as the means whereby the universe and its components were created.

2 . According to,

B. One other class of myths is a Theogenic misconception. This sets out to delineate the relationships among various gods and other mythological beings.

1 . According to, theoretic misguided beliefs set out to provide a reinforcement or framework for an existing system of myths.

2 . According to,

(Transition: Right now let's look at some tales dealing with mythology. )

There are plenty of stories and...

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