Research laboratory Paper

 Lab Paper

Biology 103 Laboratory

Spring 2013

Does a bigger head suggest higher intellect?


A lot of say a more substantial head provides room for the bigger, more intelligent human brain. Men, thought to have greater heads simply because they're… very well men. Whereby, men have a greater head size than females, therefore producing men better than females.


My partner and I gone ahead and measured the heads of 15 persons in our school, 5 of which male and 10 of these female. We all used a measuring music group to measure, to the local millimeter, the circumference with their heads. Intended for the men inside the class all of us gathered five measurements: 57, 58, 58, 61 and 60. For the women in the class we gathered eight measurements: 62, 56, 54.99, 55, 57, 59, 49, 54, 57 and sixty one. To be sure, we all measured everybody twice with two different measuring coup. We came out with the same numbers both times. After obtaining our measurements, we 1st added up the measurements for the men and divided by simply five to get the average mind circumference. We then did the same while using female measurements but divided by ten.


After adding up the measurements, the average head circumference of the guys in the category was 54.99. 8mm. The typical head circumference of the girls in the school was just 57. 5mm.


According to our results, the hypothesis will be true. Although, I reject the speculation. Some males can very well have a more substantial head size and be more intelligent compared to a woman, but same could be said for females. Simply testing the area of one's head could under no circumstances actually tell you how brilliant someone can be. The best way to accurately say that males are better than women is to in fact test their particular intelligence which has a series of checks in different topics such as Mathematics, Science and History.



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