Can Religious Experience Be applied to Rationalize Belief in God?

 Can Faith based Experience Be taken to Justify Belief in God? Dissertation

Can religious knowledge be used to justify idea in God?

Religious activities mark the important events with the major beliefs and are the principal substance of their sacred text messaging. They also have recently been the foundational source upon which billions of persons anchor all their beliefs, faiths and procedures from Taoism to Mormonism. Here we will 1st outline the term religious encounter, how will probably be used as well as the constraints define it. Up coming we displays how a spiritual experience is actually a miracle and they are one and the same thing. This prospects us on how amazing things justify a belief in god although how Hume argues against miracles by simply his harm on personal testimonies. Out of this the main disagreement will be that religious activities (miracles) can be an individual and collective justification for a opinion in goodness but are not only a strong discussion for the presence of god. Faith based experience suggests a perception or perhaps an awareness with the unknown transcendent realm. Though subjective in nature and biased simply by culture, the religious encounter is the 'proof' that stands behind all other proof, either in scripture, faith or reason for the presence of god. Ward says Sturdy defines religious experience as 'any connection with something further than the normal and possibly of higher significance than ordinary experiences' (A222 Book 1: Viewpoint of Religion Track 7). This is certainly too wide a definition as further than the normal may well be a catchall that features feats of extraordinary ability or the effects of chemical stimulants upon the regular human being. A good example is a person demonstrating unpredicted ability at a time of imminent danger into a loved one or child. This kind of experience could possibly be construed like a ‘miracle' simply by some because of the assumed intervention of a heart or mom or dad angel. But also in fact it absolutely was a combination of adrenaline and the impulse of urgent necessity. Probably a better expression of religious knowledge from our theistic stance is awareness or a perception caused by the input of some supernatural staying or our god. This would obviously preclude any hallucinations or delusions intended for we are interacting here with a transcendent careful consideration, an awareness but not psychosis or narcosis. A shaman's 'mystical' experiences even though on peyote or a schizophrenic vision or mumblings may not qualify inside the above rigid definition. The narrower classification leads us on to magic as a necessary part of the general phenomena of religious experiences. Just how these two will be connected through the very definition of the word magic. Miracle means occurrences, events or occasions which defy natural laws and which are created through great causes /or agents or god. Religious experiences and miracles are intimately linked by the believed common involvement of a unnatural agent or god. Indem a religious experience is a wonder and from here on we all will use the term miracle to encompass faith based experiences. However Ward hooks up conditional requirements on spiritual experiences that creates a kind of expert group 'proof' that a miraculous is legitimate. He says 'There is a meaningful test. There exists a test of... is there fairly wide contract among a grouping of your peers? '(A222 Publication 1: Viewpoint of Religion Trail 7). What he is expressing is that a miracle ought to improve carry out, be re-inifocing to your trust, be transforming for the greater good in some positive sense. Also it should be classifiable while similar when compared amongst the peers by simply testimony. With the above circumstances being attained then a wonder has took place. Though these two qualifiers seem reasonable they can be not required pertaining to the credibility of a magic by each of our definition as I shall explain. A person could knowledge a ‘vision' via the deity or a great force and go ridiculous, possible according to their emotional integrity. The almighty turned Lot's wife to a pillar of salt for defying his instructions in Sodom and Gomorrah. These types of would not go Ward's assessments for peer group conformity or...

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