Ore-Best Essay

Ore-Best Facilities

Ernesto Salazar

Hodges University


Doctor John She

January up to 29, 2010

Mission Statement

Our task at Ore-Best Farms is usually to offer each of our customers a very nutritious, healthy, and tasteful rabbit beef, at an affordable price for all. Vision

Our vision will be the leader in the marketing of rabbit various meats in the U. S. and Latin America, considerably improving the quality of lifestyle of our consumers. Objectives

The three main objectives from the company for the next five years are duplicity the company's success, obtaining a business between 12 and 12-15 percent in the U. T. market, and to expand the business to Latin America. Target Market

According to Oni(2007), rabbit meats is good quality, high digestibility, with 21. 5% necessary protein; 3 -5% fat, very nutritious, and low lipid disorders. Therefore , the main target market can be children, sick and tired people, elderly, and health conscious consumers. According to a study by Lloyd-ones(2009), in the United States practically 700, 000 people pass away from heart problems every year, getting the leading source of death in U. S. In 2006, the research estimated that heart disorders would price Americans much more than 258, 000 million us dollars. The study also revealed that the chance of cardiovascular disease can be reduced producing changes in patterns, playing a significant role the reduced consume of cholesterol. Almost all data provided shows that in america there is an urgent ought to eat healthful and nutritious food, primarily low-cholesterol. As a result, the company is going to launch a marketing strategy to inspire the consumption of rabbit meat in the U. S., which offers consumers a combination difficult to get, high protein, low in excess fat and bad cholesterol, as well as hard to beat prices. To implement the strategy the organization will purchase educational ads, using car radio, internet, and television. The academic commercials displays a celebrity describing the large nutritional value of...

Sources: Lloyd-Jones, M. (2009). Heart disease death rates decline, yet risk elements still exact heavy toll. Retrieved via http://www.americanheart.org/statistics.

Oni, R. (2007). Nutritional Value of Rabbit Meats. Retrieved via http://petcaretips.net.



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