Origins and Responsibilities of the Best Man

 Essay in Origins and Responsibilities of the very best Man

Origins and Responsibilities of the Best Gentleman

Brandon Connell

Colorado Technological University

Mentor: Ashraf Esmail

SOCL102-1404B-08 Period 2 IP

Origins and Responsibilities of the very best Man

A large number of origin tales cannot be verified. They are passed through the hundreds of years, but one such story is the best guy for wedding ceremonies. How to Kidnap a Bride

The best told tale of the best guy begins having a shortage of women centuries in the past before can certainly lib. There are competing race in border villages, and these clans would occupy each other to kidnap suited women each time a man was ready to marry. The best guy was accountable for putting together the raid crew or army, and fighting off the woman's family members while the groom escapes with his new bride-to-be. The best man also was required to protect his village following your kidnapping, while the contending clan might often rezzou it so that they can rescue the bride. Once the bride was secure, the very best man could attend the marriage and stand to the right side with the couple to ensure that he may very easily draw his sword (Clarke, 2011). The Cooling Off Period

While the honeymoon is a distinct tradition than that of the very best man, their origins range from same place. It is believed that the honeymoon was designed as a " cooling off period”, and that if the bride and groom went back, the bride's family would have forgiven the clan for her kidnapping (Anonymous, c. 2014). Which story is true? Even though the " have her by force” story is the most popular, it was likewise though that the clans might plan these raids ahead of time. This would support young warriors each a reputation on their own, as well as the experience of raiding a village and kidnapping a person. Which will version holds true, nobody understands for sure. It truly is known nevertheless , that today's media would never share possibly story. Following your women's rights movement, it may be politically inappropriate to claim that a woman was a person to have her destiny decided for her by men. Today, the...

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