Fundamentals of Microeconomics

 Fundamentals of Microeconomics Article




October, twelve, 2010

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Intro 2


Determinants of Demand3

1- Price3

2- Marketing Activites4

* Pet owner emotional diamond fuels potential market growth4

* Awareness of Dog Food benefits4

a) TV advertising and marketing campaign4

b) Point of Purchase material4

c) Consumer Promotions5

d) Sponsorships5

e) Product Innovation5




At present, trends are changing and individuals are nurturing most of their particular pets as well as health, nourishment, long and happy existence. Dogs are most likely the most common and lots of pet in World, and South america is not the exemption for this rule. The purpose of this kind of work is to analyze the functions of the demand for the dog foodstuff business in Mexico. This kind of business has demonstrated a CAGR of 3% during the last 6 years. Doggie Food business is divided in three categories based upon food type: Dry Dog Food, Rainy Dog Food and Treats / Orange juice. The most important category is Dry out Dog Foodstuff with 89% far followed by Wet Puppy Food while using 6%. There exists another category division based on price: Super Premium, Superior and Normal. In terms of Market players you will discover 13 rivals in this category: The most important producers are EFFEM with 48% of business and Nestle with 21%. Regarding brands, the most important will be: Pedigree: 33%, Dog Chow 7%, Perfect Fit 5% and Eukanuba with the 5%.

DogFood Brand Stocks and shares % 2008

DogFoodCompanyShares % 2008


For the analysis in the dog food market, it was required to do a research for industry trends (increase/decrease of puppy population, education of the pet owners about great things about dog food); the view with the dog owners about the dog foodstuff and its sales pitches, prices and quality. As well as the willingness with the dog owners to stay buying the dog food in the changing instances of the market (price increasing, economic crisis, industry substitutes, and so forth ).

The steps followed to achieve this target are:

1 . Bibliographic investigation of the market size for puppy food inside the Mexican market, the view from the dog owners, the businesses producing doggie food, selling price, substitutes. installment payments on your Comparison of the indicated qualities through and between years 3. Model of the collected data to observe the market behavior for this particular industry, when faces modifications in our dog owner perspective of the market, crisis or rising of costs. 4. Perseverance of the challenges faced by the industry. 5. Conclusions.

Determinants of Require:

1 ) -Price

Since up yr 2008, the need felt straight down 21% when compared with previous 12 months. Among the main reasons for this fall season are: The row materials cost of makers increased due to the Mexican foreign currency devaluation. This kind of fact " forced” the manufacturers to transfer the cost increase to the customers. Since this market is considered a great Oligopoly, the demand is flexible to the value changes. Additionally , it is easy to get substitutes goods; such as: Human food left over spots. The outcome of the described circumstance pushed the necessity down.

The " Wednesday and Pop” distribution funnel leveraged conditions and offered the market Puppy food in bulk. This strategy allowed them to keep their sales in spite of the reduced total market. Because of this, the makers decided to start smaller size presentations, which in the long run halted the product sales fall, minimizing the revenue fall by 21% in 2008, into only 3% in 2009.

2 . -Marketing Pursuits

-Dog owner emotional proposal fuels potential market progress

Manufactures realized that the ratio of doggie per home was still low, making data that there was clearly still a tremendous growth potential. As a consequence, dog food producers encouraged different nonprofit...

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