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The Nivea organization is related to beauty industry which can be very competitive and consequently the organization should be to using extremely effective strategies for marketing activities. Personal selling is beneficial when coping with wholesalers and retailers as it helps to see a customers immediately and to do sales presentations. This report is included the support of personal for the entire promotional combine. Then the buyer behaviors include identified several products and of different customers. The functions of the salesforce has been discovered in order to give a clear idea about the sales team. The partnership between corporative objectives as well as the marketing strategies has identified and included in the statement. The recruiting of skilled sales associates is essential to the organization as well as the recruitment and selection methods are discovered in the record. The employee motivation is important to boost the product sales revenue of the organization plus the existing motivational factors, remuneration packages and training and development actions are included. The sales structure, comarcal design, product sales targets as well as the methods which tend to be used to record sales have got identified accordingly. The uses of sources to the sales team are also included.

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Nivea firm is one of the leading international skincare companies. Organization is near to consumers, giving them persuasive, innovative items. Nivea brands are trustworthy universally -- from NIVEA, one of the planet's largest skincare brands, to other internationally successful brands such as Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8×4, and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. With more than 125 years of knowledge in skin care and among the world's most modern research centers, Beiersdorf is short for innovative and high-quality cosmetics. VISION -- " ”Our vision is to be the best in Cosmetics industry”


" Offer a quality product and satisfy the customer”


Provide top quality products for the customers.

Make the best place to get work for the employees.

Get the bare minimum cost to get the highest earnings.


Special offers are the tools which are changing and communicating information involving the customers and the organizations. This procedure is mainly under-going the personal offering (personal channels) or the low personal stations. Personal advertising is affecting prospects to get a product or service in order to make an thought to purchase a great or service in the buyers mind. This personal selling is done through the oral sales pitches. Promotional combine is included the advertising, personal selling, product sales promotions, public relations, direct advertising customer service. As stated before the advertising mix is very important to the organizations to be with absolutely free themes while keeping a good romance. When considering regarding the personal offering, it's very essential to the Nivea organization to market products to the customers. Since this business is a garments manufacturing business, the organization must always diversify items as well as advise or should give a clear idea regarding the products for the customers because of the competitiveness of the industry. Personal selling will be able to cover the entire promotional blend if it's handled or use in an effective way. Marketing

Personal providing is very effective in advertising because personal providing is directly goes to the customer and the word of mouth marketing advertising is effective than the additional methods. The customers will be planned to purchase that particular product. Not only that the customers will introduce that particular product or the service to their particular friends as well as to the family. Nivea business is related to the cosmetics market the organization can be using personal selling to...



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