"See What I Mean" Video Report!

 «See What I Mean» Video Report! Essay

Hai-Tue T. Ton

MLL 1901-01

Instructor: Jeannette Wonder -Leighton

See The reason

Have you ever before wondered right after between hard of hearing and hearing cultures? Last week I had to be able to watch " See The things i Mean" and this video offered me a hilarious and informative look at the differences between them. With this movie " See What I Mean", concerns such as attitudes toward time, taking a chance to say goodbye, make a complaint about the application of phones and pagers, sharing information, giving and receiving criticism, and remarks on personal appearance happen to be explored and humorously talked about from the point of view of both civilizations.

Hearing people are mostly promptly whereas deaf people are way more versatile with time. In hearing traditions, If a party is prepared people would come on as well as leave at nighttime. But in deaf culture, people can come in overdue and the get together usually goes on and on, not required to end at midnight. Also, the way people take the time to say goodbye are very different in both cultures. Experiencing people generally leave instantly after saying goodbye. In comparison, deaf individuals are more attached with each other. It takes time so they can leave. It is said goodbye although don't leave yet, instead they keep discussing with each other and won't keep until the third or fourth goodbye. Hard of hearing people much more to say good bye because that they don't have as many chances as hearing people to talk to one another and they like face to face interaction. In the movie, the actors acted effectively demonstrating this different attitude and I actually enjoyed seeing how humorous their acting was.

Film production company also reviewed how new technology differently impacts on equally cultures. When a hearing person and a deaf person talk to each other, it is considered rule in the event the hearing person interrupts the conversation by talking on the phone with someone else. Likewise, it's regulation for the deaf person if he or she texting or responding messages to someone else. Likewise, language use in email as well as its meaning will be...



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