Synthesis and Decomposition of Zinc Iodide

 Synthesis and Decomposition of Zinc Iodide Essay

Synthesis and Decomposition of Zinc Iodide

Partners: Sonya Pasia and Kristen Kobayashi

CH 085-01

20 Sept 2011

Zinc Iodide (ZnI2) was an appealing binary chemical substance to experiment with. In this experiment, weakly acidified water (25mL unadulterated water with 18 drops 5M acetic acid solution) was used as a help to bring substances of the zinc and iodide atoms collectively, by dissipating iodine elements, so that binding would take place to produce a effect. Deprived of water, the Zn and I2 elements would not be capable of moving close enough to one another, and a chemical reaction would not take place. Deprived of acid, the reaction of Zn + I2 would have ended in 2HI(aq) instead of ZnI2 (s), and this wouldn't include appeared to stick to the Law of Conservation of Mass. The experiment was performed in order to determine if this law is truly followed. Through the experiment, every weight measurements were performed on a stability pan. To assure accurate measurements, each evaluation tube was weighed after and before addition of any element with results being registered as data. Equal levels of Zn and I2 had been weighed away and put into a test out tube with 2 cooking food stones, Zn being added first. your five mL of weakly acidified water was added to the tube and swirled. The properties of reaction were recorded. Following determining in the event the solution was I2 or perhaps Zn(I3) a couple of (aq), the answer was stirred until almost all color licentious, and put into a twenty-two x 175 mm evaluation tube without pouring the Zn material out. The zinc steel was rinsed with 1mL of acidified water three times, with water being discarded into the conduit, and 3 times with drinking water being discarded in the sink. The Zn metal was dried on the Bunsen burner ensuring all liquid was removed, and weighed to obtain the amount of Zn that had been consumed. The ZnI2 was passed over the Bunsen burner, ensuring that all liquid was evaporated, as well as the test pipe was acessed. The measurements were added together to determine if the Legislation of Conservation of Mass had been...



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