What was the motivation for the Europeans to explore? Gold God and Glory.

 What was the motivation pertaining to the Europeans to explore? Platinum God and Glory. Research Paper

Europeans believed the earth was smooth until people and navigators in the 1400's and1500's started out convince the world that it wasn't indeed. This kind of sparked a need for search. In Europe the beginning of new property became a race for cash. Whichever region could have your own most colonies and have main exports from could control the world. Three main motivations for exploration were Rare metal, Glory, and God.

Gold would give a country operate and money. Gold influenced many trips. In 1513 Juan Ponce De Leon went to Sarasota in search to get gold. Hernan Cortes also went to America in 1519 to conquer locals in order to find gold. For example , Jamestown, Va was founded pertaining to the hopes of finding gold. Gold might also come with the finding of a Southwest Passage. Platinum equaled power for these males and this generated the next big motivation, Wonder.

Beauty was the target of most explorers. People just like Ferdinand Magellan and Ruben Cabot sailed for wonder. When they found new terrain they mapped, and named it and believed that they can would be appreciated for this. When an explorer got found land he started to be well known in Europe, this kind of inspired nobleman and a queen to pay much more for these explorers to sail for them.

The last determination was God. This was probably the most important for most people. The smaller religions were appeared down on upon in European countries. When word of newly found land got reached European countries, people of numerous religions packed their things and remaining for America. Quakers settled mainly in Pennsylvania. Pilgrims, which were Protestants, settled in Plymouth. One other major faith based group that settled in the us, were the Puritans. They settled inside the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Another reason to travel to the Americas to get religion was going to spread your religion and create new followers.

Exploration was a necessity pertaining to Europeans. Europe was crowded and everyone was subject to scrutiny. Most of the people that had emigrated from European countries wanted a brand new life, and most of the people...



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