The Patriot

 The Patriot Essay

A.  The Patriot – there is no direct description for the deviation coming from fact nonetheless it is acknowledged that there are many discrepancies inside the movie, " There was not any such person as Dernier-ne Martin” and " The most critical deviation from the historical record was the incineration of the entertained church: There is not any record of any such event”.  This motion picture was an intentional change from simple fact and a mish mash of identical event encircling that time simply for entertainment value.  The movie provided sufficient shock and awe, i actually. e. the church landscape, to make one feel disappointed and very angry that this sort of a thing would have ever occurred in this region.  The copy writers surely planned to spark interest into the period while enjoyable the viewers, but somehow lost grasp with truth and accuracy and reliability. B. � � B.  The issue with " traditional drama” is that people supply into the perception that what ever they observe or notice is exact and truthful.  No one can possibly truly appreciate history devoid of accurate details.  With limited records, and details the imagination of Hollywood can be left to operate C. � � C. � Due to erroneous historical depictions, modern perceptions of certain groups happen to be skewed, more than embellished or lead to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.  People take what they have seen and label it as fact, without question, and it hurts contemporary society as a whole. Once key facts of the past are ignored or altered, we are all most likely going to duplicate wild with misinformation and fantasy the viewer is easily led to think that what is known as " the case story” is just that. When people are misinformed and basic their expertise on some thing they saw on television or a movie display, it causes a pattern of poorly educated and delusional people. the mistakes that were hidden, erased, or touched up.  �

A. � What performed you learn by reading the classmates' posts " Blog #1: � Re-Viewing the Past"?

M. � Is there anything in their responses that...



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