The Roaring 20s: New Technology, Entertainment Advances and Cultural Adjustments

 The Roaring 20s: New Technology, Entertainment Improvements and Social Changes Dissertation

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The 1920s was a time of great economic growth. It absolutely was during the twenties that the

Usa became one of many richest countries of the world. The economic

circumstances during the twenties had a big effect on artistry, entertainment, and technology which will

represented the 1920s and making it referred to as Roaring Twenties because of the fresh

technology, entertainment advances, and cultural alterations.

The Roaring twenties is very known for a number of the new technology which usually became

open to the public. One of the most significant examples of this was the automobile

industry. Autos were extra exclusive to the very abundant before WWI and the 1920s. Now, with

advancements in industry and factory creation, cars were becoming a more affordable thing to obtain

and many individuals were now able to obtain 1. Henry Ford's company distributed over 15 million of

the Unit T car which was the most used one of that point. Another technology

advancement was with radio. Radios, just like cars, had been now more available for the general public to use.

Radios were able to transmission news, athletics, and quite a variety of various other programs too.

These technology advancements cause a growth in the economy because of the various people

whom wanted to be a part of history and supply themselves together with the new technology.

Many Entertainment breakthroughs of the time cause some financial growth too.

One major entertainment was baseball. The 1920s is called the Fantastic Age of Baseball.

Millions of race fans would appear to all the games to watch the favorite teams and players

who would go down in history as the greatest snowboarding players of them all like Girl Ruth, Ty

Cobb, and Lou Gehrig. Although snowboarding was the most known for succeeding during the Roaring

Twenties, different sports like boxing, college and professional football, and basketball had the ability

to bring away many vistors who would pay money for to see the video games. Technology such as the...



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