The Tupamaros and Uruguay

 The Tupamaros and Uruguay Essay

The Tupamaros of Uruguay

Uruguay in the 1960¹s was distinct between other South American counties for its wealth and sociopolitical stability. Financial prosperity had fostered the growth of a large midsection class and a stable welfare-state government that allowed a wider level of democratic and civil freedoms larger than some other South American government. Since Uruguayan contemporary society was and so peaceful, the Army and Police were very small. In 1968 there were only about 12, 000 men in the armed forces and less than 22, 000 police to hold order in a population of around 3 million.

A downturn in the with regard to wool and meat, Uruguay¹s two primary exports, following the Korean Battle brought mass unemployment, inflation, and a steep drop in the standard of living. the social tensions this produced, together with the corruption of the overblown express bureaucracy (one in five working Uruguayans was employed by the federal government in a few fashion), gave the behavioral instinct for a powerful urban faccion movement to emerge. This revolutionary group¹s official name was Movimento de Liberacion National unfortunately he popularly known as the Tupamaros (from Tupac Amaru, last member of the Inca royal friends and family, murdered by Spanish in 1571). It was founded in 1963 simply by Raul Sendic, a law student learning in Montevideo. Because Uruguay was therefore urbanized (over 80% of Uruguayans occupied large cities or cities) they concentrated almost all their activity in and around the main city, Montevideo, wherever more than half the whole population with the country existed. As with most other South American guerrilla teams, they started out as a personal organization that deliberately find the tactics of Œarmed struggle¹ and attracted its account from fresh, radical, middle-class people -- mostly college students and white-collar workers. Like most urban terrorist groups, they were organized in a cellular composition of 4-5 men called a Œfiring group, ¹ together with the group head as the sole link to different cells. This is...



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