Topography and Height

 Topography and Height Dissertation



REPRESENTATIVE SMALL FRACTION (RF): Is it doesn't ratio involving the distances for the map to its matching distance in actual ground. The RF on this map is 1: 50, 000.

installment payments on your SCALE: Scale is the proportion between the length of virtually any two points within the map plus the actual distance of the same items on the ground. The size of the given map draw out is a couple of cm: one particular km or perhaps 1: 55, 000.

a few. CONTOUR: Conforms are fictional lines attracted on maps, joining most places while using same height above ocean level.

4. CONTOUR INTERVAL: The interval between two consecutive contours is named contour time period (*it can be described as constant 20 mts in the toposheets. )

five. INDEX CONTOUR: Contour lines are thickened at frequent intervals to make it easier to read shape. For example each and every 100 mts the contours line is done darker. The darker lines are called Index Contours.

6. TRIANGULATED HEIGHT: Is it doesn't height of the place which has been calculated applying trigonometry, represented by a little triangle at the. g. - пЃ°540

7. AREA HEIGHT: The peak of random places between contours proven with a us dot. Eg --. 425

8. TABLE MARK -- Height of your place actually marked on a stone expoliar, rock or shown on a building as a permanent reference point. It is drafted as BM 200 meters.

being unfaithful. RELATIVE ELEVATION: Relative level is the level of a characteristic with reference to the height of the adjacent land and never to sea level. It is represented by the height which has a small ‘r' eg –12r.

12. ROCK OUTCROP: It is a percentage of rock jutting above the surface area of the the planet.

14. SHEET MOUNTAIN: Large areas of rock where overlying soil layers had been eroded and removed as a result of mechanical weathering.

being unfaithful STONY WASTE MATERIALS: A large location usually in arid/semi dry regions the place that the finer sand/soil has amazed leaving a surface covered with boulders, stones and pebbles.

10. BUSTED GROUND: A relief characteristic found mostly in dry out regions about rivers and streams. It is land about river,...



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