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We selected the word " sin” in Isaiah 53: 5. This expression would appear to be the central theme around the verse. There would seem to be certain meanings to this term which I want to understand the word and its utilization in this passageway correctly. חָטָא- châṭâ- G/K 10276: Strong 2398. This word translated has a that means as follows desprovisto, to trouble, to miss the way of the mark. It is understood which the phrase absent the mark is used a term to spell out making some sort of mistake rather than something that is completed with deliberate intention. As the passageway of Isaiah 53 could have the usage of the phrase sin, as well as transgressions the industry common word used in host to the word desprovisto, yet still having the same which means. It would appear that the sins for which the stalwart sent by God will have to suffer for would be all those sins that had been intentional as well as those that were mistakes. Absent the indicate from a Biblical point of view is not simply something in the passive feeling but is definitely intentional and unintentional. In comparing the New International Type, New Living Translation, The Message paraphrase as well as the New Century Translation I have found there exists a similarity inside the translations. The phrase transgressions, wrongful doings and sin utilized to describe for what reason He (Jesus) was wounded, pierced, sculpted and split for. He central subject of the passage considered the Enduring Servant involves the word " sin”.

The term sin as mentioned in the passage before this state yet only a few terms which substitute for the word sin. Within the Older Testament there happen to be 14 Hebrew main words that can be translated in to some form of the word sin. Of those 14 several root terms the word that is certainly most commonly used will be רַע, רַע ra` /rah/. Desprovisto and its translations of the term appears 667 times inside the Old Legs. This term " ra” can be found much more than 21 occasions as the translated expression mischief, 55 times as the word wickedness, and over 400 times while the converted word bad. פָּשַׁע pasha` /paw·shah/ which translates into transgressions, transgress, to rise ? mutiny, offender, trespassed, rebelled. The idea behind pasha is to mutiny openly resistant to the Lord The almighty. This word carries an intentional cardiovascular. אָשַׁם 'asham, 'ashem /aw·sham/ appears above 35 instances and means offend, or trespass, criminal offense, or mistake. The motif surrounding this kind of word covers intentional along with unintentional guilt from the bad thing. לְעַנּׄות, עוּן, עָנָה, עָנָה `anah /aw·naw/ this is has a unique translation to imply remorse to oneself or to another person. שָׁפַט shaphat /shaw·fat/ is the last root term in the OT and is as well the word that is certainly mentioned the most in the OT. This phrase carries a several vantage point of sin. This term is converted as assess, or holds with it authority to punish as well as make a decision.

These few root words and translations happen to be by no means the conclusion of all the words and phrases that originate from the main words nevertheless for purposes with this writing. Isaiah 53 would bring the many occurrences and mentioning of sin inside the OT to a climax. Isaiah 53 overall uses three of the 14 different uses of interpretations of the phrase sin, which will would convert as bad thing, iniquity, transgressions. These terms are used by least seven times in Isaiah 53. In Isaiah 53: 5 we see that two of these words are being used " He was pierced through for the...

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