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IC-TMT 2012

PESTLE Research on Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

JitHuat Suntan, Wen Ling Chua, Chee Kong Chow, Mei Ching Chong, Boon Cheong Chew up Faculty of Electronics and Computer Anatomist

UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia Melaka

Suspend Tuah Jaya, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysia.

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The development of an advance and safer hybrid car

technology is important in today's market due to the

shortage of precious fuel and global warming trouble.

The objectives of this newspaper are to investigate and

identify the elements and rationales that push Toyota

in hybrid motor vehicle production. PESTLE analysis can be

used to examine the gathered secondary data.

According to PESTLE evaluation, there are several

causes that affect Toyota to create hybrid car. Based

on the PESTLE analysis, all the factors are affordable

to support Toyota move to cross types vehicle production.

researchers include invented a few alternative strength

technology like the electric car. Despite to its

cons where the electrical car was found which it

was not able to carry out very long distance driving a car and the

difficulty regarding the recurrent recharges concern. Thus,

the hybrid electric powered car technology is actually incorporate

the benefits of the two conventional energy powered car and

electric car.

However there will require large amount of money in order

to invent and develop a new-technology. So , what are

the rationales that maneuver automakers, just like Toyota to

into cross types vehicle development?

Key word-Toyota, hybrid car, PESTLE research

1 . Launch

In the last few years, automotive industry was

coming up with wonderful innovations today in order to

match the demand in the market [1]. The most recent

innovation was mainly focus on the part of

environmental and energy usage issues. Therefore ,

hybrid car has been released.

Hybrid car technology is usually type of technology that made

the vehicle utilize at least two several power sources

in order to maneuver the car. Generally speaking, the crossbreed car type

which out there is hybrid electric automobiles

(HEVs) just like Toyota Prius Hybrid and Honda Social

Hybrid. A HEV is definitely using the mix of the internal

combustable engine with electrical engines to make the

automobile move. Its dual engine characteristic is going to

improve the gasoline efficiency and even help in elevating

the performance of the car.

However , the typical cars run using a single fuel

resource specifically gasoline, gas and diesel powered. Due to the

coming issues about the shortage of the natural

resource in world-wide recently, the standard cars

are generally not longer to fulfill for the future require. In fact ,

The study objective of this paper is always to investigate the

rationales that move Toyota into cross types vehicle

production and to identify its related factors by utilizing

PESTLE research.

2 . Books Review

PESTLE analysis is known as a structure to get planning, delivering,

and statement writing, additionally it is an synthetic tool to

consider external factors that help in the examination of the

impacts. Basically, PESTLE is mainly accustomed to identify

and summarize environmental influences on an

organization to help it determine actual and future ideal

contexts [2]. Besides that, additionally it is a useful tool pertaining to

understanding the exterior macro environment in

which involved. PESTLE helps corporation adapt

proactively to ever changing environment and allows

advanced so that issues are predicted in

advance [3]. Moreover, PESTLE analysis can help to

take features of the options and minimize the

threats. PESTLE can help to avoid strategies that may

end up being doomed to failure intended for reasons over and above control.

A current study which usually conducted simply by Jarzabkowskiet

's., (2011) regarding the use of ideal management

tools which included PESTLE among the group of

tools that were most widely used by simply practitioners in the

world of...

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